Best Pocket Knife Sharpener

A men with One of the best Pocket Knife Sharpener

Are you in a Hurry? Or you don’t feel like reading? We recommend the Work Sharp Field Sharpener  as Best Pocket Knife Sharpener. Isn’t it frustrating when you need to cut something with a knife and the edge is dull? If you are a pocket knife owner or own anything from kitchen knives to military-style […]

Great 10 Best handheld ham radio for survival Review

Amateur radio, also known as ‘ham radio’, is a popular hobby and service that can facilitate communication between people in emergency situations. While some get into ham radio for the pure enjoyment and pleasure of working with electronics, many survivalists and preppers see the best handheld ham radio for survival as an essential tool to […]

Best emergency radio Review in 2022

This is a radio emergency in the window

When it comes to finding the best emergency radio for your outdoor pursuits, there is a surprisingly large number of factors to consider. Don’t get stuck away from civilization with an emergency radio that does not fit the bill. Continue reading to discover everything you need to know about buying an emergency radio.   Are […]

Best Portable Generator Review – Ultimate Guide 2022

Generators win turbines

Modern essentials are something that you cannot live without for obvious reasons so if you’ve ever experienced having no power then you certainly would appreciate having the best portable generator in your home. Irrespective of whether you need a generator as a backup power supply, for emergencies like power outages, convenience or recreation, there are […]

Condor 3 Day Assault Pack Review 2020

Man with a condor 3 day assault Pack and map

A great, durable bug out bag can be a literal lifesaver. Not only are they useful for surviving a disaster, but they are excellent camping bags as well. While there are a number of options out there, the Condor 3 Day Assault Pack review articles online have been extremely positive since launch. Condor, one of […]

Your Guide To Finding The Best AAA Flashlight

Men with a AAA Flashlight in the night

When it comes to finding the best AAA flashlight, there is certainly no shortage to choose from. Before you start sifting through the endless options available and inevitably become overwhelmed, let us take care of the sifting so you can simply sit back, read, and make the best possible informed decision to meet all your […]

The Top 9 Best Tactical Backpack Guide 2022

Soldier in Winter with tactical backpack

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, work outdoors or are active and you need gear for all your adventures and activities, a solid, best tactical backpack is a worthwhile investment. There are many features and specifications you should keep in mind when choosing the right tactical backpack for your needs. Also, if you have a […]

Best Sling Backpack: Reviews And Recommendations 2022

A women climbing with Sling Backpack

Backpacks are amazing accessories that allow us to tote our belongings while leaving our hands free. They transport our gear, are comfortable to wear, can look stylish, be waterproof, carry laptops, are ideal for outdoor or travel adventures, and can last a lifetime. Of course, there are numerous styles and brands to choose from that […]

Best Bug Out Bag (Survival Kits) a Solid Reliable Review 2022

A boy with a bug out bag in the outdoor

When you want to be prepared in the event that disaster strikes and you need to leave quickly, your bet is to have the best bug out bag readily available. Ensure that you have something that is high quality and will hold up for a long time to come. It should have all the necessary […]

5 Best AA Flashlight { 2022 Guide }

man with an aa flashlight in hand

If you are in the market for a utility flashlight, you might consider an AA flashlight. The AA designation simply refers to the size of the battery used. There are a wide range of small flashlights available and this size of the light is a great choice for activities such as camping, emergency use and to […]

The Best Military Backpacks: Reviews And Recommendations 2022

A boy taking pictures military backpack

When it comes to the best military backpacks, these are not just for military personnel. If you are someone who enjoys durability, versatility, the outdoors, survival, or simply top-of-the-line practical products, a military backpack could easily become your favorite storage and transport method. Let’s explore why someone would choose the best military backpack options available.   […]