Every-day carry bags, more commonly known as EDC bags, are an essential part of your daily preparedness. What we carry with us and how we carry it says a lot about who we are, as well as enabling our comfort with how we look and feel. When it comes time to find the best EDC bag, there are several factors worthy of your time and consideration.


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In this article, we’re going to review the following edc bags.



What Exactly is an EDC Bag?

An every-day carry bag is just as it sounds: a bag used to carry your essential daily items. These bags most often become a regular accessory and are versatile for many uses. For many people, they are purely a practical means of transporting possessions to help prepare them for a variety of daily circumstances and events. 

How to Choose an EDC Bag

When it comes to choosing the best EDC bag, there are many types to choose from. Varying factors include size, durability, style, color, shape, material, and storage compartments. One of the best ways to determine the main features your EDC bag should have is to ask yourself several questions:
• What items do I need to carry in my EDC bag daily?
• What situations am I likely to encounter in a day?
• What types of situations do I want to be prepared for?
• What types of items are universally useful?

Making an EDC List

As you are answering the above questions, you are likely compiling a list in your mind of items you will want your bag to contain. This is the best place to start. Put some time and consideration into drafting a list of everything you will want to carry; once you have your list, you will be able to narrow down your search.

Size of Bag

The most important feature of your EDC bag will be its size. You won’t want anything too big and bulky, especially as it is a daily-use kind of bag. You want to be selective with the items you add as everything adds to the weight, and you’ll want to keep it as light as possible to maintain comfort and portability.
Many people choose to measure the size of the largest item they plan on carrying, and that measurement becomes the minimum size of the bag they can use. Be sure to allow a little wiggle room for adding extra items as they are needed, such as rain gear, snacks, or a water bottle. For adding extra items, you can look for a bag with a MOLLE system so you can easily attach extras with clips.

Choosing the Best EDC Bag Type

EDC bags have 5 main types:
  1. Pouch
  2. Lumbar pack
  3. Sling bag
  4. Messenger bag
  5. Backpack.
Each type has its merits, and once you know the size, you can determine the type that best suits your needs. 

Organizer Pouch

The smallest type of EDC bag, the organizer pouch is for people who don’t have enough items that need to be carried daily to justify a pack or larger bag but have too many things to fit in their pockets.

Lumbar Pack

The lumbar pack type of EDC bag is the middle line. It’s larger than a pouch but smaller than a sling bag or backpack. This is ideal if you are planning on carrying one or two larger items or a variety of smaller items. This bag is the best option for someone who needs a full range of motion throughout their travels as it does not attach to the arms or around the shoulders.

Sling Bag

An EDC sling bag is used for heavier items as its cross-body design makes it comfortable to transport larger weight amounts than with a lumbar pack or pouch. For someone who has a lot of items to take with them daily, the sling bag is a good choice.

Messenger Bag

Messenger is a popular style of EDC bag as it can vary in size and provides cross-body support. Ideal for those who might be biking with it or need hands-free mobility, messenger bags are both practical and stylish.

Edc Backpack

EDC backpacks are ideal for those that like to be prepared for everything and anything that the day brings. For people with lots of items to carry or who will be carrying them for longer periods, backpacks are practical and comfortable sources of transport.

EDC Bag Features Worth Considering

While the common recommendation is to select the smallest EDC bag that meets your needs, common features to consider include craftsmanship, MOLLE system, hydration system, adjustable fit, pouches for the organization, and zipper quality.

Top 5 EDC Bag Review

All the reviews are real-life experiences. Extensive research online and testing. We do not accept sponsorships. Genuine recommendations for those who need a bit of real advice.

Note: If you find anything that contradicts, needs improvement or everything else, please, let us know!

Ready? Let’s start


Our Pick: Dunnta Tactical Sling Bag

The Dunnta tactical sling bag is made from 100 percent durable, breathable, water-resistant and lightweight nylon. With three carrying styles, shoulder, chest pack, back sling, or hand carry, this bag offers its wearers a lot of comfort and versatility.

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It offers ample storage space with multiple corrosion-resistant zippered pockets for organization and separation. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use. This EDC bag comes with a 100 percent money-back guarantee. For $35, this sling bag is durable, has multiple wearing-styles, space for a water bottle, and many storage compartments.
What we like:
What we don’t like:

Runner Up: Converse All EDC 22 Backpack

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This Converse EDC backpack is an ideal bag for anyone wants to transport larger items or multiple items. With a 22-Litre capacity, the bag can carry a lot of weight. It features an internal laptop sleeve, adjustable straps for comfort, and measures 5″ x 10″ x 18″.
This backpack fits snuggly to the contours of the back so it is ideal for those who might run with their packs and not wanting their gear to bounce around. The Converse name is a trusted one, and for $35, this is an excellent EDC backpack choice.
What we like:
What we don’t like:

Also Great: AMYIPO Molle Pouches 2-Pack

8″×4″ Multi-Purpose Tactical Compact Bags EDC Pouch

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The AMYIPO MOLLE Pouches 2-pack measure 8″ x 4″ and are multi-purpose tactical compact EDC pouches. These are durable and tough. Compatible with the MOLLE system, they can easily be attached to other tactical products. 
The main compartments feature waterproof coating, and a smaller internal pocket keeps items safely stowed away and organized. There is a handy two-way zipper feature so the pouch can be easily opened from either side when on the run. Ideal for daily transport of small items like keys, wallet, phone, pocketknife, small first aid kit, etc. This two-pack is only $15 and offers durability and versatility.
What we like:
What we don’t like:

Also Great: Direct Action Messenger Tactical Bag

This Direct Action messenger tactical bag is made from highly-durable 100-percent Cordura 500D and is DWR coated. American-made, this bag is lightweight and versatile. 

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Designed for law enforcement and military operators, is has a quick-access external zipper so contents from the main compartment can be easily retrieved without lifting the flap. The MOLLE/PALS system features snag-free construction, is water-resistant, and can easily attach a water bottle.
Available in many color and camouflage options, this bag is also near-infrared treated (NIR) to help wearers avoid night detection. There is a ton of storage space in this bag, including an external laptop pocket. For $90, users can enjoy the ultimate tactical experience with all the bells and whistles and style to boot.
What we like:
What we don’t like:

On a Budget: SINAIRSOFT Tactical Waist Pack

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Made from 1000D nylon, this SINAIRSOFT tactical EDC lumber pack is lightweight and durable. It features a removable and adjustable strap and MOLLE compatibility. With extra pockets for added organization and functionality, this pack is versatile.
The pack contains five different-size pockets to meet all your outdoor transport needs. There are a large compartment and an additional heavy-duty zippered back pocket for important items. There are three front pockets for easy access. This pack is recommended for outdoor travel, tactical pursuits, and travel. 
For $19, this SINAIRSOFT tactical EDC lumber pack will please for those who need hands-free mobility on their travels.
What we like:
What we don’t like:

Additional EDC Bag Choices


Direct Action Foxtrot Tactical Waist Bag

Designed for military and law-enforcement personnel, this Direct Action Foxtrot tactical waist bag is for the hard-core outdoor survivalist. Made from durable Cordura 500D with DWR coating, this bag will stand the test of time. It can be used as a shoulder or handle bag, comes in a variety of colors and is NIR treated to avoid detection with night vision. For $150, this bag is on the pricey side, but in this case, you get what you pay for.

HELIKON-TEX Urban Line, Bandicoot Waist Pack

This HELIKON-TEX waist pack is a practical way of transporting small items with hands-free mobility. Its belt is detachable, and the zipper is ideal for right/left-hand usage. PALS/MOLLE compatible, this pack can have extra items added with ease. While not ideal for those with multiple items to transport, for $35, this is a practical choice for someone who’s every-day carrying needs are few.

HELIKON-TEX Bushcraft Line, Bushcraft Satchel

This HELIKON-TEX satchel represents the messenger-style EDC bag at its finest. Made from the most durable Cordura material, it is tough and waterproof. PALS and MOLLE compatible, this bag has a large storage compartment and additional smaller compartments for organization. For $55, this bag is a tad on the pricey side, but it could last its wearer a lifetime.

Mardingtop 25L/28L/35L Tactical Backpack

This Mardingtop tactical backpack is the ideal daypack with lots of storage and made from durable 600D polyester. It features a hydration system, YKK zipper, MOLLE webbing, and comfortable and adjustable shoulder straps. For $47, it comes in a variety of colors, and the only reported disadvantage is users find the zipper difficult to grasp. 

Orca Tactical MOLLE Horizontal Admin Pouch Utility EDC Tool Bag

Designed for those whose daily carrying involves small tools, the Orca tactical MOLLE utility tool pouch keeps small tools safely stored and accessible. Made from durable 600D polyester and YKK zippers, this is ideal as a general-purpose everyday carry pouch. For only $14, users have reported that it needs more interior compartments.


Now that you are brimming over with EDC bag information, you can start the pleasurable experience of shopping for your perfect bag for every-day use. Our pick from the roundup is the Dunnta Tactical Sling bag. This bag is more affordable than many of its competitors but still offers high-end features. It’s three carrying styles make this bag versatile enough to adjust to any conditions the day brings, and with its ample storage, carriers have room for their wallet, books, a phone, water bottle, and more. While some of its competitors offer some impressive bell-and-whistle features, the Dunnta tactical sling bag offers three things in abundance: durability, versatility, and practicality.

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