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Are you in a Hurry? Or you don’t feel like reading? We recommend the Work Sharp Field Sharpener  as Best Pocket Knife Sharpener.

Isn’t it frustrating when you need to cut something with a knife and the edge is dull? If you are a pocket knife owner or own anything from kitchen knives to military-style hunting knives, you’ve undoubtedly encountered a dull blade at some time. Luckily, it isn’t hard to correct this. People have sharpened knives for years using simple ceramic stones and metals to get sharp edges on a variety of knives. Now it is possible to get compact, lightweight sharpening tools made from modern materials. No need to lug around heavy water stones if you need something quick and portable. Larger stones are still great ways to sharpen pocket knives, but the new options work well for reliable sharpening of any dull blade.


In this article, we’re going to review the following 5 best pocket knife sharpener.


There are some features to look for when considering the purchase of a pocket knife sharpening tool. A sharpening tool that is well made with quality steel and ceramic elements, is something to look for. If you need portability, there are many small sharpening tools available that have this feature. If you want a more complete whetstone type system, there are many of these types of products available. Having a solid dedicated sharpening system that stays in a workshop or at home is an option and feature that may be important to you. It is best to research before you buy with any product, including the best pocket knife sharpener for your needs.

Here are 5 top picks for some of the best pocket knife sharpener available.

All the reviews are real-life experiences. Extensive research online and testing. We do not accept sponsorships. Genuine recommendations for those who need a bit of real advice.

Ready? Let’s start


Top Pick: Work Sharp Field Sharpener

The Work Sharp is a great pocket knife sharpener to have anywhere. It is compact and well constructed. One thing I liked is how complete this tool is. It isn’t just for getting a decent edge back on a dull blade, which it does, but it comes with some useful extras like a flat head wrench and being able to flip over the diamond sharpening plates for easy transport and so the plates don’t get damaged. Another feature I found really useful was 20° and 25° angle guides. These are especially useful for people who are beginners at sharpening knives. The guides help to get the right angle for making the correct bevel on the edge of the blade to give it proper sharpness. This tool comes with 2 ceramic honing rods in addition to the diamond plates. The 220 and 600 grit diamond plates work well to get a general sharpened edge then the ceramic stone rod gets a nice sharp edge on knives. In addition to these basic features, this tool has a built-in leather strop to finish and polish the blade further. All in all the Work Sharp is great to take in the field or can be used on a bench too at home or in a workshop.

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What we like:

  • Smartly designed to be useful in different situations
  • The different grit sharpening plates seem to work well
  • Complete sharpening system
  • Rugged design for outdoor environments

What we don’t like:

  • A bit expensive but still reasonably priced
  • Could maybe be a little smaller


Sharp Pebble Whetstone Knife Sharpening 2-Sided Stone

This high quality double sided sharpening whetstone is a fine tool to help with any knife sharpening tasks. One feature I like and found very useful is the solid bamboo base which keeps the stone from sliding around. A loose stone is less easy to manage. The solid bamboo base adds that stability that is very helpful when trying to maintain the right cutting angle. The 1000 and 6000 grit double sided stone seems to sharpen well. One is a coarser and on that side it is good for rough, dull blades that need to be brought back to a sharp edge. The other side is a finer grit stone that is good to finish and hone the blade. It can sharpen not only pocket knives, but chisels, hunting knives, kitchen knives, scissors and can even sharpen axes and larger tools. Because it is stationary it makes sharpening bigger blades easier than loose whetstones. The customer service is quick and responsive as well. The Sharp Pebble is a little expensive, but the quality is worth it. It has decent features that make it suitable for small pocket knives, hunting knives, camping and general use around the house. A good knife sharpener to consider.

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What we like:

  • Quality stone assures a sharp edge on knives
  • Sturdy and stationary for non-slip uninterrupted knife sharpening
  • Good customer service

What we don’t like:

  • A bit bulky, not extremely portable
  • Its price range makes it a bit expensive


Sharpal 6 in 1 Multi-Function Knife Sharpener

The Sharpal 6 in 1 sharpening tool has some great features in a small lightweight tool. It’s affordable price range and unique features make it a good consideration when you are shopping for a new pocket knife sharpener. The tungsten carbide blades can be useful to quickly set an edge on a dull or rough blade. The ceramic blades give a nice finish and honing to the knife edge. A 400 grit diamond rod sharpens and polishes. One of the interesting features of the diamond rod is it has a groove designed to sharpen fishing hooks. This can be really handy if you enjoy fishing. What makes the Sharpal more functional than some similar tools is it comes with a fire starter and emergency whistle. These features may seem small, but in a survival situation, they can be lifesavers. Not bad for such a small knife sharpening tool. This makes it a good choice to have in a survival bag or when you are camping. The case of the tool seems solid enough. A thumb grip surface helps with grasping it.

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What we like:

  • Has many features in a small and portable multi-tool
  • The fire starter feature and whistle are good to have in emergency situations
  • The size makes it really lightweight making it easy to store or travel with

What we don’t like:

  • Its size makes it easier to lose
  • Some features may not be needed


Zulay Stainless Steel Knife Sharpener

The Zulay is a stationary knife sharpener and seems to function good for kitchen knives, paring knives and pocket knives. Its size makes it less portable, but one of the features that stands out is the grip that can be used to stabilize the tool. This makes it much easier to get a good finish on a blade. The first stage is for general sharpening and restoring dull blades. It is effective enough for pocket knives and small blades as well as larger ones. I found when I sharpened my kitchen knives it was both safe and effective due to its design. Often it can be hard to handle loose whetstones and small sharpening tools. The ceramic stone feature is used to hone and finish the edge after it has been sharpened. The ceramic side will also handle serrated edges too. Being able to get a solid grip on the tool and stabilize it is one of the key features of this sharpener. The Zulay is useful to have in kitchens and workshops for general everyday sharpening.

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What we like:

  • Heavier weight than more portable types of sharpeners making it ideal for kitchens and workshops
  • Tungsten carbide blades and ceramic stones seem to work well
  • Stainless steel body to help stop corrosion

What we don’t like:

  • Size and shape of the tool make it less portable than some
  • Could use more features


Smith’s PP1 Pocket Pal Multifunction Sharpener

This is a nice multi-tool to have that features a few different options for sharpening knives. It is also very affordable for budget shoppers. The tapered diamond coated rod that conveniently folds out of the tool can handle serrated as well as standard edge blades. The carbide blades can be useful for quickly restoring a sharp edge to dull blades. The ceramic stones finish and hone the edge. One feature I like is being able to change out the carbide and ceramic blades when they wear out. The reversible features mean the carbide blades and ceramic stones last a lot longer. Overall the Smith PP1 works well for sharpening small knives like pocket knives and some kitchen knives. I like how lightweight and portable this tool is also. When I am camping or doing other activities outdoors, size and portability are always considerations. The Smith PP1 fits into those categories nicely. It works great for camping and just general use. The durable PP1 knife sharpener is an affordable option for a lightweight pocket knife sharpener.

<< Check Price on Amazon >>

What we like:

  • The Smith is lightweight and compact weighing only 1 oz. for easily taking anywhere
  • Solid fine grit rod for serrated and standard knives
  • The sharpening functions seem to work well
  • Replaceable and reversible sharpening blades and stones give extended life
  • Affordable for price-conscious shoppers

What we don’t like:

  • Small may get lost
  • Lacking in some features making it pretty basic



These top picks are some of the best sharpeners available. It is worth mentioning the Sharpen Up Sharpening Stone Kit, Image Professional Sharpening System and Don Xote Knife Sharpening Stone for their functionality and accessibility to beginners. These stones offer some classic features have come to be expected in these products. The Kershaw Ultra Tek Sharpener and Wusthof 2 stage Sharpener are also some great choices if you are on a budget or want a knife sharpener that is reliable and portable. These are well-known brand names in knife makers around the world.

It is important to me that I use top quality products, especially when sharpening expensive knives. It can be worth it to invest a little bit into a good pocket knife sharpener to preserve a good knife.

For this reason, we recommend the Work Sharp Field Sharpener. It has several features that make it a great pocket knife sharpener.

The multi-functionality and completeness of this tool make it stand out. Being able to get a professional style edge on the blade using diamond grit plates, ceramic stone and a leather strop all in a compact designed casing makes the Work Sharp a top pick. It is a bit expensive for a portable knife sharpener, but the quality makes it worth the extra expense. Researching what features are most needed like having a leather strop for finish work or not can save some time when looking for a new pocket knife sharpener.

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