Modern essentials are something that you cannot live without for obvious reasons so if you’ve ever experienced having no power then you certainly would appreciate having the best portable generator in your home.
Irrespective of whether you need a generator as a backup power supply, for emergencies like power outages, convenience or recreation, there are a variety of different models and styles of generators available.


Are you in a Hurry? Or you don’t feel like reading? We recommend the DuroStar DS4000S, 3300 Gas Portable Generator as Our Pick.


In this article, we’re going to review the following Portable Generators.

Irrespective of whether you enjoy going camping and don’t want to enjoy it without any electricity, or need one for working outdoors where there is no power or electricity for miles, a portable generator is priceless. However, with such a huge variety of portable generators on the market, you need to find one that is appropriate for your needs and budget. So here are some things to consider before purchasing a portable generator.

The cost of a portable generator

The cost of a portable generator can vary significantly depending on the brand, the amount of energy the generator produces, the running time and functionality of the generator. Portable generators are available for under $200, and then again you can spend more than $1500 online. So you need to know exactly what to do considering the wide spectrum that is involved. If you are not sure of what to look for, you may find yourself buying an expensive generator that doesn’t even power the equipment you want to use it with. On the flipside, you don’t need a generator that delivers more power than you will ever use.

The energy source

Different generators run off different types of energy sources. While some generators make use of regular gasoline, much like the ones found at a fuel pump, others run on diesel, and there is a handful that makes use of propane. While diesel fuel costs more than say gasoline, the run time is longer and it gives you more energy for each gallon. Then again, diesel engines give off a particular odor and do require a considerable amount of maintenance to keep it in working order. Diesel is also not as easy to find as gasoline, however, one of the advantages is that you can lose the carburetor which seems to get clogged at the least convenient times when using a diesel updated portable generator. Another option would be battery powered generators. The advantages of a battery-powered generator are that it recharges via solar panels, has no emissions and runs silently. However, the disadvantage is that they are costly, they won’t give you more than 1800 W of power and tend to charge very slowly. The typically battery powered generators are more suitable for occasional use and camping or tailgating purposes.

Therefore, considering the energy source used to power the generator is essential.

The power production

The amount of power produced by a portable generator as well as the run time is significant. This is especially depending on the specific purpose for which the generator is going to be used. For example, the amount of power that it is going to take to run an electrical appliance or TV at a tailgate is very different from the amount of power needed to work lighting rigs and construction equipment. If you plan on running household appliances using a portable generator, then you will also need to take note of the starting wattage on each appliance. This is especially when it comes to appliances with a motor. In most cases, it takes between two to three times the wattage required to start an appliance to actually run it. So always make sure to refer to your owners manual and check listed startup wattages, compared to the running wattage. In the event that you lost owners manuals, you can always find a wattage calculator that will help you to ascertain your power needs.

So when shopping for a portable generator always keep in mind the specific use for which it is intended.

The size of the portable generator

The size of the generator is also worth considering. If you’re using it on your own, you want something that’s small and easy to carry around. However, if you plan on working with a team of people and you have a vehicle that is capable of moving it, then something larger won’t be a problem at all.

Noise Levels

Small generators are a good option for quiet design. In the event that you are using a portable generator for camping with tailgating, then your neighbors would definitely appreciate a quieter generator. However, bear in mind that as you move towards the 4000 W portable generators and higher, there are not much quiet options available in that class. Also, something else that is useful to know is that diesel-powered generators do tend to make a loud noise as compared to gas-powered generators.

Best Portable Generator Review

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Our Pick:DuroStar DS4000S, 3300 Gas Portable Generator

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Ultimately, when it comes to the combination of power, durability and maximum usage this portable generator will win every time. The DuroStar portable generator is sturdy and affordable. It delivers a 4000 W power output and has a 7.0 amp and OHV engine, which also has an oil shut off. Irrespective of whether you needed it for the camping trip or a full day’s work on construction sites, you will get eight hours of runtime at half load from this unit. It also includes two 120 V outlets as well as a 120 v 30 amp outlet. It’s also very easy to start considering it has an EZ start-pull mechanism.

What we like:

What we don’t like:


Runner Up:Honda EU2000I Super Portable Generator

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If you’re searching for a portable generator that offers optimum performance, then this would be it. It has a great industrial design and works quietly at 53 to 59 DBA. An extensive manufacturer’s warranty also backs it. It weighs around 46 pounds making it one of the lightest units around. The generator is also easy to start and has an eco-throttle that makes automatic speed adjustment simple.

What we like:

It’s portable enough to carry around
Efficient and feel
Very quiet
Provide stable and consistent power

What we don’t like:

• It’s expensive

Also Great: Westinghouse WGen5500 Portable Generator

<< Check Price on Amazon >>

The Westinghouse portable generator has a 13 hour run time that you can always depend on at a 50% load. It also has a 6.6-gallon fuel tank with a fuel gauge. This adequately supplies enough power for your basic needs whether it is at home or out a camping trip. It’s easy to move around since it is lightweight and it’s quite enough to use in camping trips and for tailgating purposes. The generator also starts easily.

What we like:

What we don’t like:

Also Great:Yamaha EF2000iSv2 Gas Powered Portable Inverter

<< Check Price on Amazon >>

Yamaha is a credible name when it comes to motorsports; however, the company has put its skills and resources to the test by creating portable generators as well. This Yamaha generator uses inverter technology that has a pulse width modulation. This basically consists of more sophisticated control circuitry and in turn delivers clean, a consistent current which is conducive to better fuel efficiency and capability. It can run on a large range of applications and also weighs less than 45 pounds which means it’s a breeze to move around and store as well. It’s also operational in all 50 states since it is CARB compliant.

What we like:

What we don’t like:

Best Portable Generator on a Budget: WEN 56180, 1500 Watt Gas Powered Portable Generator

<< Check Price on Amazon >>

Wen is a universal household name when it comes to manufacturing high-quality power tools. Therefore you can expect this portable generator to be reliable and always able to deliver power when and where it is needed. It produces an impressive 1800 starting wattage with 1500 running watts. The portable charger provides seven and a half hours of runtime on half load. The engine is also easy to start and has a noise muffler providing a quite experience. This is great value for money for anyone looking for a powerful generator at an affordable price.

What we like:

What we don’t like:


Other Portable Generators Worth Taking a Look at

PowerPro 56101 Gas Powered Generator

The Powerpro portable generator is one of the lightest and most compact ones around weighing in at only 36 pounds. It also happens to be the smallest one as well. To make it easier to move around it has a carry handle and four pads. It’s also quieter than most other portable generators since it makes use of an exhaust system with a spark arrestor and puts out approximately 60 DBA at 22 feet. Ultimately, that makes this portable generator ideal for work in any Park or national forest.

Champion Power Equipment 46539 3500 Portable Generator

The champion power equipment generator has great starting power, with a wireless start, a remote and is also CARB compliant. Not only is this unit affordable, but it’s powerful with a 3500-watt generator which you can always depend on. That run time is also impressive with 12 hours on a full tank of gas at half load.

WEN 56200i, 1600 Gas Portable Inverter Generator

The Wen inverter generator is powerful and weighs 40 pounds. It’s also quiet at only 51 dB. The inverter technology allows it to deliver a constant flow of current to appliances and also operate at different speeds. This makes the generator more fuel-efficient and also a great choice for people on a budget.

Briggs & Stratton 30651 P2200 Portable Inverter Generator

The Briggs inverter generator is designed for use with sensitive electronics. It features an H handle making it easy to carry around, and the inverter technology means that it generates clean power to power your most essential electronics. There are a number of different outlets included for your use.

Briggs & Stratton 30663 Gas Powered Portable Generator

The Briggs portable generator has an impressive 7.5-gallon fuel tank, and that gives you approximately nine hours on a full tank at half load. It also delivers 7000 W of continuous output and therefore is built for high performance.


The DuroStar portable generator is recommended as one of the best mid-level generators delivering a maximum of 4000 watts output and uses a 7.0 amp, with OHV engine that has a low oil shut off. It also has a run time of eight hours at half load. Ultimately, the DuroStar portable generator is one of the best selling units on the market because it combines power and affordability.

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