Backpacks are amazing accessories that allow us to tote our belongings while leaving our hands free. They transport our gear, are comfortable to wear, can look stylish, be waterproof, carry laptops, are ideal for outdoor or travel adventures, and can last a lifetime. Of course, there are numerous styles and brands to choose from that reflect different priorities, features, and uses. When it comes to slinging backpacks, they are unbeatable for light and easy travel and accessing the pack’s contents with ease. Sling backpacks are as practical as they are useful and stylish. With the wide array of style, brand, and feature choices out there, it is difficult to gauge which is truly the best sling backpack to purchase. Let’s tuck into the thoughts that should guide your selection, as well as what are rumored to be the best sling backpacks currently on the market.


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In this article, we’re going to review the following Best Sling Backpack.


Why Purchase a Sling Backpack over a Traditional backpack?

While there is nothing wrong with traditional backpacks, sling backpacks have a lot to offer in terms of their features and uses. They are light, compact, and as stylish as you want them to be.

Traveling in Crowded Places

When it comes to traveling and exploring, sling backpacks are ideal for day trips and exploring crowded places. These bags are designed to easily slip around one shoulder. Anyone who has been to a crowded market or musical festival where you are sardined in amongst numerous people knows how tricky it can be to access your gear from a traditional backpack. With a sling, all you need to do is swing it around to the front so you can easily see, reach, and extract what you need.

You need very little room to bring the bag around to the front, and you don’t need to remove the whole bag and find room to place it down in front of you to get out what you need, as you would with a traditional backpack.

Perfect for Day Trips

Sling backpacks are ideal choices for day trips. They are light, easy to transport, and gear is fully accessible. Many sling backpacks have secure storage sections for valuables like a wallet and phone, and this is a good feature to look for when considering which sling backpack to purchase. Sling backpacks are ideal for day explorations either within a city or in nature. While sizes vary somewhat, sling backpacks are generally large enough to accommodate most daily travel needs: wallet, phone, water, travel umbrella, guide book.

Accessing your Gear

When it comes to which model of sling backpack you should settle for, you need to spend a little time really assessing how you plan to use it. Some models are designed to carry a DSLR camera around, and these are ideal as when that perfect shot presents itself, the pack can be easily swung around and the camera accessed in an instant before the moment passes.

Laptop Transport

Some packs are specifically designed for carrying a laptop; if that feature appeals to you, make sure there is a secure laptop sleeve.

Weather Features

Also, consider what type of whether you plan on using it in. If you are wanting it more for outdoor day trips in nature, you will want one that is rugged and waterproof.

Riding a Bike with your Sling Backpack

For cyclists, sling backpacks are an amazing choice when it comes to a pack that is comfortable, weather-proof, compact, and easy to access. As gear can be accessed easily with one hand by simply swinging the backpack around to the front, cyclists barely have to slow down when they need that water or sustenance for a quick energy burst.

Runners and Sling Backpacks

Runners who are traversing long distances often need more than just a good pair of running shoes. They need a compact pack for extra water, perhaps a wallet, a phone, and a snack. Runners praise the sling backpack as it is so light and compact that the straps can be adjusted so that it is held snugly against the back for minimum disruptive bouncing and movement during the run.

While at first glance, some might think sling backpacks are simply too small, their carrying capacity really varies, depending upon which model is chosen. Many of the most popular models have more room than you might think but still manage to maintain the features of being compact and lightweight. Now that we’ve discussed some of the uses and features to consider when deciding on a sling backpack, let’s look at some popular individual models and explore what they have to offer.

Review 10 Best Sling Backpack

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Our Pick: Waterfly Sling Backpack

The Waterfly sling backpack is a fully outdoor-proof backpack. It is highly portable and lightweight at 0.45lb. The material is 100-percent snow and waterproof for the outdoor enthusiast.

The bag features a durable YNS buckle, the shoulder strap is dilated, and the back of the bag is generously padded for comfort.

Made from Frigostable nylon, the pack very comfortable. The SBS zipper, precise seams, and reinforced Bartack make the pack more durable than most.

With a carrying capacity of 10L, this is a generous-sized sling backpack. With its nine internal pouches, all your possessions should have a safe and secure home in this Waterfly pack. The shoulder strap features a pouch for your phone so it is always at the ready for a quick call, text, or photo opportunity. There is also a small side mesh pocket that can hold a bottle with a diameter of 2.36″.

The main storage compartment has an interlayer pouch designed for an iPad. There is also a key rack, wallet pouch, notebook pouch, pen pouches, and a bank card pouch. These individual pouches plus the largest storage area are ideal for someone who likes to keep their pack and possessions nice and organized.

Waterfly Sling Backpack

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The Waterfly sling backpack boasts a durable construction, is fully weatherproof, and features numerous pouches for all your possessions, and is available in black, blue, green, or rose. For someone planning on using their sling backpack for exploring nature, this backpack seems like an ideal choice.

What we like:

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Runner Up: Pacsafe Venturesafe Anti-Theft Sling Backpack

The Pacsafe Anti-Theft sling backpack is an excellent choice for those planning on a lot of traveling. The Pacsafe name is known for manufacturing some of the most ingenious anti-theft travel packs on the market.

The sling backpack offers its owner the ultimate in protection against thieves, and the bag features a nylon exterior and a polyester interior with full-zipper pockets for the easiest of access.

This pack is the perfect example of Pacsafe’s innovative anti-theft designs featuring concealed eXomesh splashguard stainless steel wire mesh that is embedded into the bag’s fabric to guard against slash-and-run thefts. There is also a Lockout security clip and a turn and lock security hook. In addition, the bag also features RFIDsafe blocking material embedded into a pocket within the pack’s main storage compartment. It is available in plum, black, or blue.

Pacsafe Venturesafe Anti-Theft Sling Backpack

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This Pacsafe anti-theft sling backpack is known as one of the most secure packs around. If you are planning on using your sling pack for lots of traveling, the security features of this pack make it an ideal choice. Sling packs also don’t scream ‘tourist’ as much as a traditional backpack does.

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Also Great: Amazon Basics Sling Backpack for SLR Cameras

This Amazon Basics sling backpack for SLR cameras is the ideal choice for someone whose travels center around photography. The slink pack holds and protects one smaller SLR camera body, one or two lenses, and any other small camera accessories.

The fabric is ultra durable and made from black polyester/nylon. There is lots of internal storage space for the photography enthusiast, and the pack is simple to swing around quietly to extract the camera for those perfect fleeting shots.

Pacsafe Venturesafe Anti-Theft Sling Backpack


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The bag boasts a bright orange interior lining and has a sleek and stylish appearance. For those wanting a sling pack to house their cameras during day outings, this sling backpack would be an excellent choice. As an Amazon product, it is also backed by a one-year warranty, in case you are not satisfied.

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Also Great: Mosiso Sling Backpack

The Mosiso sling backpack features a large zippered storage compartment capable of safely securing a Kindle, iPad, or tablet.

There are two mesh bags, one on each side, that can hold water bottles that are up to 2.5″ diameter. There are additional storage areas for phones wallets or additional accessories.

There is a multi-functional storage area that has a large compartment with pockets for power chords, a mouse, documents, etc.

The flexible shoulder strap can be altered from 18″ to 36″ to fit tightly or loose, depending on the build and comfort of its owner. The shoulder strap features padded mesh for ultimate comfort and releasing heat during those hot excursions.

The pack is made from water-repellent polyester with high-quality zippers and an ultra-durable shoulder strap you can depend on. It also comes with a reflective-material strap for added safety for traveling at night.

Mosiso Sling Backpack


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This Mosiso sling backpack is ideal for those wanting a lightweight and portable pack to transport their belongings to work or school. This casual daypack checks all the boxes for a handy-dandy pack that is easy to access, organize, and transport.

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On a Budget: FREEMASTER Chest Backpack Sling Bag


The FREEMASTER sling pack is as lightweight and durable as they come. Made from high-quality Dacron canvas, this sling pack is one owner will likely enjoy for years.

With a size of 18.7″ x 5.1,” this pack has more room than many other sling packs on the market. This pack could easily accommodate books, phones, iPads, clothes, etc.

The shoulder strap is extra wide for added comfort and is adjustable to suit the individual wearer. The back is cushioned with mesh material for the cooling effect of dispersing heat and moisture.

FREEMASTER Chest Backpack Sling Bag


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The sling pack is equipped with an anti-theft pocket to safely store valuables when out and about. With the multi-layer mesh and 3D ventilation, this bag is perfect for ventilating and cooling. For someone on a budget looking for a backpack that is truly versatile and can be used for school, work, camping, outdoor travel, the FREEMASTER is an ideal choice.




Additional Sling Pack Choices and Competitions

Colton Military Sling Pack

This Coolton Sling Pack is ideal for those looking for a tactical military pack for some easy trekking. Made from 600D polyester, this pack is durable, and built to last.

The pack is ideal for carrying an iPad, notebook, keys, water bottles, wallet, phone, phone chargers, snacks, etc.

With the Molle system, additional tactical pouches or accessories can easily be attached.

LC Prime Sling Pack

This LC Prime sling pack is ideal for someone who does not want to be weighed down by a large pack filled with items. This bag is designed with ultimate compactness in mind.

Made from nylon, the pack is water resistant and features numerous compartments and pouches to store your items.

Available in a wide array of colors, this pack is ideal for active people wanting to run, bike, or hike with their sling pack.

Leaper Canvas Sling Backpack

The Leaper Canvas sling backpack is ideal for those wanting the convenience of a sling backpack with the look of a classic backpack.
This sling backpack is large enough to transport multiple items to school or work. With numerous internal storage compartments, including one for a laptop, this Leaper pack is ideal for a variety of uses.

All of the buckles and hardware are made from durable and sturdy material, and the straps are adjustable to find that perfect fit.

Huntvp Tactical Sling Pack

The Huntvp tactical sling pack features the Molle system for adding extra attachments and accessories. This bag is made from 900D nylon and is fully waterproof.

The bag features multiple storage compartments of all sizes and was designed with comfort for those long trips in mind. With the padded and adjustable straps, the wearer can find their perfect fit.

Under Armour Compel Sling Backpack

This Under Armour Compel sling backpack features a soft-lined laptop sleeve capable of holding up to a 15″ MacBook Pro, or any laptop of a similar size.

This pack is extremely comfortable to wear, as the Under Armour name is known for, with its adjustable, padded, and ventilating strap. It is water resistant and has a valuable pocket that is easily accessible.

Final Verdict

There is no doubt that the popularity of the sling backpack has produced a lot of competition between brands and models. Our top choice, the Waterfly sling backpack checks all the boxes. It is a versatile, lightweight, and portable pack that can be enjoyed in a number of circumstances. Its generous size and numerous storage compartments made it ideal for transporting accessories, and the weather-proof material makes it as appropriate for outdoor as indoor use. When it comes to choosing your ideal sling backpack, consider what you plan to put in it, where you plan to use it, and how you want it to look.

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